Are all your eggs in one basket!

Michael talks about the importance of diversifying your investment portfolio, whether it’s property, shares or a combo of both.

Costs associated with purchasing a property

Today, Michael discusses some of the costs associated with purchasing a property, although they are not all compulsory, they most certainly are advised as you will see! Enjoy.

Podcast: MySmartStart – Insider Property Advice

MySmartStart Property’s very own industry expert, Michael Fordyce, combines his extensive knowledge and passion for the property industry into easy-to-digest podcast episodes that offer an unparalleled level of insider knowledge and support for first home buyers, investors and retirees. Michael breaks down and ‘decodes’ topics such as finance options, market trends and cycles, negotiating great deals, the best times to…

Mortgage Finance Structures – Structure 1

Michael Fordyce from My Smart Start Property discusses the difference between mortgage finance structures – this video focuses on the first structure. This is part 1 of a 2 part series. In the next video Michael will discuss the second and preferred structure.

Is it better to use a Bank or a Broker?

A very common decision that you often have to make before buying a new property is whether you want to use a bank or a mortgage broker to find finance for your mortgage. Our years of experience have led us to conclude that brokers are the better option. Here is why. Banks limit your options. Banks will only give you the options…