Perception is Key

Michael discusses how the perception of Logan is not necessarily correct.

Ethics in Business

Have a listen to Michael Fordyce talk about the importance of knowing the business you are dealing with, and knowing the staff within that businesses.

What is Hem?

Michael Fordyce explains how the banks calculate your expenditure when you apply for a loan.

You Should Never EVER Need To Sell Your Property At A Loss

I recently read an article from “the leading property data, information, analytics and services provider in Australia” – I’m sure this is self-proclaimed. While the article has merit (I guess), at least from the perspective that the data is likely correct, the article was somewhat alarmist in its nature and ticked a lot of the boxes you would usually associate…

Netflix & Bills

Could binging on Netflix really be preventing you from getting into your first home? What do you think about this from the banks, comment below if you think this is fair or over the top!

Procrastination is a Killer

Are you letting procrastination get in the way of you starting your investment journey? Hear what Michael has to say about it.