Is it better to use a Bank or a Broker?

A very common decision that you often have to make before buying a new property is whether you want to use a bank or a mortgage broker to find finance for your mortgage. Our years of experience have led us to conclude that brokers are the better option. Here is why.


Banks limit your options. Banks will only give you the options that they have on offer, which could still be great, but you don’t know if they work the best for your personal circumstances. Finding someone who looks at your life circumstances including income, assets, liabilities, and other needs is important when committing to a mortgage repayment.


Brokers need to always stay on top of the home loan market and changes in lender requirements, so their knowledge is always up-to-date. Brokers will listen to your personal circumstances and offer you several different options from several different banks. When banks give you options, sometimes they won’t be best suited to your personal circumstances.


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