Podcast: MySmartStart – Insider Property Advice

MySmartStart Property’s very own industry expert, Michael Fordyce, combines his extensive knowledge and passion for the property industry into easy-to-digest podcast episodes that offer an unparalleled level of insider knowledge and support for first home buyers, investors and retirees. Michael breaks down and ‘decodes’ topics such as finance options, market trends and cycles, negotiating great deals, the best times to…

Do you budget!

Do you have and budget and know what you spend your money on each week.

New bed or new home!

Do you know what sacrifices you might need to make to get into your new home. Have a listen to Michael and find out.

One size doesn’t fit all

Listen to Michael discuss why buying an investment property is not a one size fits all approach. It is important to choose a property for your specific needs.

Seek expert advice

Michael explains the importance of seeking the advice of an expert when you are looking to purchase a property.